Girl Scout Archive Management System


You can search the GS Archive Management System (GSAMS) for historical assets in the GSUSA archive, to view and download historical images, and to obtain key information on select entries, like personalities and places.

Please note that there are no individual documents or publications housed in the system.
To start searching for any archival asset, type a keyword in the search box in the top right corner of the screen (box with a magnifying glass).

Search box

You’ll get results by categories that contain data pertaining to your search: People, Places, Organizations, Collections, Objects (all or some). Here’s what comes up in searching “Camp Andree”:

Search results

By clicking on each category, additional information will be displayed. For example, you may see basic biographical information on a person or organization (if that information is in the system).

If you click on “Collection” you’ll either get the name of a single file (if there’s only one archival folder pertaining to your search) or a list of files. 

As you’ll see, “Camp Andree” is a part of National Property Collection/Record Group. If you click on “Camp Andree Clark files” you’ll get a list of files on Camp Andree.


If there are objects pertaining to your search, they’ll be displayed on the screen last, and you can scroll down to see all results.

To search specifically for an image:
Type a keyword in the search box in the top right corner of the screen (box with a magnifying glass). 
Scroll down to “Objects” where the images are displayed. Browse the search results for images you’re interested in. Click on an image for information about it.

Scroll down for all possible results or use the “previous” and “next” arrows above the image caption to look at the prior or following images. You can also use “back” to return to the search results.

Move your cursor to the top left corner of the image to enlarge (magnifying glass), add to a lightbox (suitcase), or download (arrow) the image. 

Add to lightbox

Lightbox generates a collection of images you select for your specific purposes. You can create multiple lightboxes for different purposes. To access, click on the trefoil button next to Contact:


If you download an image, it will have a watermark. To obtain GSUSA permission to use an image with no watermark or a high-resolution version, please complete our form.

Questions? Please reach out to the GSUSA Cultural Assets team using the contact features in the system.